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Meet the Lords

At first it was just two English teachers getting loud on guitar and drums.  But things changed in 2001 when the long-haired rookie teacher in Gahanna Lincoln’s English department turned out to be a bass player. Long story short, an all-teacher rock band was born.

The road to stardom for this power trio began at a Battle of the Bands in the GLHS gymnasium. Since those humble beginnings 17 years ago, the group has doubled in size and quintupled in rock and roll proficiency. And along the way, we’ve compiled a uniquely awesome catalog of tunes that you know and love.

Ever since four rockers from Gahanna-Jefferson public schools joined forces with colleagues from Westerville and Hilliard, schoolhouse rock has never been quite the same. Playing a fun mix of classic rock, pop, and Motown (along with country and blues, upon request), the Lords can be found performing at festivals, weddings, corporate events, and random get-togethers throughout the central Ohio area.

For booking information, contact Joe Mischler.

  • joemischler@yahoo.com
  • (call) 614-294-6083
  • (text) 614-377-8416

Lucas Gladman
Technology Specialist
Gahanna Jefferson Public Schools

Mary Vonck
Math Teacher
Hilliard Davidson High School


Joe Mischler
English Teacher
Gahanna Lincoln HS


Dr. Art Prince
Assistant Principal
Gahanna Lincoln HS


Brian Behary
Music Teacher
High Point Elementary

Casey Miller
Ohio State University
Class of 2018

Gone to Rock and Roll Heaven…

Mark A. Miller English teacher Gahanna Lincoln

Mark A. Miller
* Lords Founding Father
* English Teacher Extraordinaire
* All-Around Good Egg